I have worked at the IEB for 21 years.

Currently, as an Assessment Specialist, I am involved in:

  • overseeing the design, development and conduct of examinations in 11 subjects;
  • capacity building of teachers with regard to curriculum and assessment;
  • management and delivery of projects;
  • research relating to best practice
  • working with stakeholders in education on various task teams related to curriculum, assessment and best practice .

I am also the director of IEB Assessment Education and Training Pty Ltd which is accredited by the ETDP SETA as a provider of training in assessment and quality assurance.

I joined the Projects Division of the IEB full time in 1998 where I was involved in a number of projects in support of the new educational landscape, such as, research and development in outcomes based  practices, policy development, curriculum, assessment and materials development, writing of unit standards and training workshops and courses in outcomes based assessment.

I taught biology and science at senior school level for 18 years. During this time, I was actively involved in in-service teacher training, materials development, curriculum, and assessment design. When the IEB was established in 1989, I became actively involved in establishing Biology as a subject within the IEB; researching, developing and refining the curriculum and assessment guidelines, as well as the moderation procedures, and supporting teachers in implementation.

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