Gail Campbell is the Chief Executive Officer of the Zenex Foundation, a non-profit, independent donor organisation that invests in mathematics, science and language education. She has been involved in developmental philanthrophy for over 20 years with a particular emphasis on school education. She is a strong proponent of monitoring and evaluation as a tool for measuring impact and learning from practice.

Ms Campbell has a Social Science background and practiced as a Social Worker working primarily with women and youth. She also lectured in the field of Social Work at the University of Natal for five years before joining ABSA as General Manager of Corporate Social Investment where she was responsible for the ABSA Foundation, pioneering the Employee Giving Programme.

Gail currently serves on  a number of  non-profit boards in education including  the Gauteng Education Development Trust (GEDT), Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa (IPASA) and International Education Funders Group (IEFG).

She contributes extensively in these various forums drawing on her knowledge and experience in social development, philanthropy and education in particular.

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