Dr. Nadeen Moolla is an educational psychologist who leads and manages research and development at Pearson Marang Education Trust, a non-profit social impact organization involved in teacher and school development in township and rural schools. She is responsible for facilitating the professional and personal development of staff within the organization and oversees the development of programs, resources and interventions aimed at supporting teachers, educational leaders, and schools. Her research employs an action research approach with a strong emphasis on monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Nadeen’s experience as an academic in the higher education sector, and expertise in school psychology has allowed her to make significant contributions in the field of whole school development, having influenced systemic interventions within education both regionally and nationally.

Nadeen has actively contributed to NASCEE, BRIDGE, and the recent SAMEA Hackathon where she has had opportunities to deepen and share knowledge and expertise in M&E, social and emotional learning, education leadership, and teacher support and development. Her teaching and research focuses on the importance of holistic approaches to development through intersectoral collaboration, understanding, and addressing barriers to learning through embracing diversity and inclusion.

Nadeen is a seasoned mentor who has worked extensively with leaders and managers in education, working intensively to uncover deep insights to effect change at personal and professional levels, acknowledging that emotional wellbeing is central to professional success. She has a passion for working at micro and macro levels, impacting the individual and the larger system. Her practice is grounded in systems thinking and emphasizes a collaborative approach to understanding and facilitating the development of individuals and organizations.

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