BRIDGE is a non-profit organisation that drives collaboration and co-operation among stakeholders in education to increase their collective impact on the system. We do this through convening communities of practice and sharing knowledge, working practices and resources to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the country.

BRIDGE’s mechanisms for achieving its outputs include convening communities of practice, working in partnership with other stakeholders, and knowledge management. BRIDGE has developed a membership of over 3500 stakeholders from over 900 organisations across different education sectors.

These members collaborate in 9 national communities of practice, in a number of provincial communities of practice, and in over ten local communities of practice for principals. Our communities of practice work with specific objectives across four key focus areas: School Leadership, Teacher Development, Learner Support and Early Childhood Development. A fifth area of interest is that of Cross-cutting Themes, addressing topics that are key to a number of areas in education. BRIDGE hosts over 70 face-to-face Community of Practice meetings and dialogues a year, has an extensive facilitator network and has developed and refined a tried and tested methodology.

BRIDGE’s facilitation in the communities of practice makes certain not only that resources and knowledge are shared (both internally and beyond) but also that innovative ideas are generated through joint problem-solving activity.  Communities of practice are not just gatherings of people with similar interests; they are activist by nature and are made up of practitioners who commit to engaging and working together to increase the impact of their work and to create systemic change.BRIDGE’s approach to knowledge management ensures that outputs from work with communities of practice and other partners is widely shared.

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Vuyiswa Ncontsa
+27 11 403 6401

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