We pull the money of our members (92) of R251 per month and use that to grant 14 bursaries to promising high school students in the Western Cape.

Crew for a Cause began in January 2018 with the idea that small contributions from many can make a big difference. We pull the money of our monthly members to create bursaries for promising high school students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. To identify the students, we partner with education professionals who travel to a range of schools in underprivileged areas and test 12-year-olds in English, Maths, Natural Sciences, and grit. The grit is especially important as it will ensure the students persist through the challenging times they may encounter during high school.  Crew for a Cause was started with the idea that, through education, we can provide a child with the platform to better themselves and their communities and to do our part to change South Africa’s future for the better. Ultimately, we’d like to see them develop into role models and community leaders and go on to support their own families and friends. We see this as a vital process in building a stronger society. In South Africa, education is a means of lifting people out of poverty and providing a way out of desperate situations. We see it as our responsibility, because if you’re in a position to help you should do so and we strive to make that as easy, rewarding, and transparent as possible. 

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