ACTION trains students from basic computer skills to the more advanced software programs, with the goal of training them to the required level needed to write the Microsoft Accredited examinations and with the assistance of ACTION these young people have the potential to obtain gainful employment.

ACTION is the only Non Governmental Organisation in South Africa to provide a win, win and win situation. In return for Corporate Social Investment from the South African business community, Action provide business win by having a pool of competent, trained blind / disabled people for any level of employment, Equity Employment targets for disabled staff are 2 %. Action does not charge our sponsors finder or placement fees.

Blind or disabled people win by being on a career path with a future and not having to rely on a Government Grant which is barely above the United Nations Poverty Level ($1.00 / day), ie R870.00 per month and finally all the citizens of South Africa win with less strain on public funds ie blind / disabled people now self sufficient (once a blind / disabled person earns in excess of R 1 500.00 / month the person is no longer entitled to receive disability benefits) and with 1.74 Million blind / disabled people in South Africa receiving Government funds of R 870.00 each / month there can be is a massive saving of public funds which can be utilised for health, public transport, housing or other shortfalls in our country.

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Evans Fundira
+27 11 760 4300

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