1. A Governance Committee has been established from within the NASCEE Board to handle all matters of evaluation and short listing until the final selection of the successful management agency is completed.
  2. Although it is proposed that the Management Agency should be based in Johannesburg, this was decided to save costs during the transitional period until such time that NASCEE is financially independent. However, should service providers outside of Gauteng apply, costs incurred for travel will need to be covered by the total monthly fee which will be the same for all service providers regardless of where they are based.
  3. The term of office for the current Project Manager appointed in the establishment phase of NASCEE ends on 28 February 2020, and the successful applicant is welcome to reappoint the same Project Manager should they wish to do so. However, a new contract between both parties will need to be signed with agreed terms and conditions.
  4. To avoid any potential or real conflict of interests, the NASCEE Board has decided that Board members and/or their affiliated organisations will not be eligible to apply for the role of managing agency.
  5. The Governance Committee members plus an external HR specialist appointed specifically for this purpose will make up the adjudication committee for the selection and
    recruitment process and will make recommendations to the Board.
  6. The Closing date for submissions has been extended to 21 February 2020 at 16:00.
  7. The successful applicant will be announced by end-March 2020.

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