Mororiseng (also known as Rori) is a senior financial executive, a Chartered Accountant by profession with 11 years post articles experience – 6 years in senior positions.

She is currently working as a Chief Financial Officer at JET Education Services - where she has recently been appointed to executive director position. She is also a board member at Nascee and currently serves as the interim deputy Chairperson of Nascee.

She has experience in these sectors:

  • Education:
    • Non Profit Companies (JET Education Services NPC and JA South Africa NPC)
    • Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET) – SAICA/DHET Nation Building project,
  • PFMA entities: NECSA) and;
  • Investment Banking: (Absa Capital)

Over her career, she has led and managed a diverse group of employees, in a highly task driven environment. She is an effective leader with a track record of motivating staff to achieve exceptional business performance.

She is a visionary leader that takes accountability, meets expectations and achieves high quality results within the required time. She is a goal oriented individual who can multitask between various projects.

She is passionate about education and skills development, particularly in the rural communities. She is an active ambassador for the protection of women and children and stands for the empowerment and representation of women in leadership positions.

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