NASCEE commits itself to the following value guide :

1. Purpose-driven to improve education: Our work is aligned to national and global education development goals.

2. Strives for social justice: Our work is rooted in the principles of equality, inclusion, and social justice

3. Promotes respectful collaboration: We believe in the empowerment of our  members such that they are able to act strategically and collaboratively

4. Enables agency of members: We are committed to strengthening the voice, visibility, and impact of NPOs working in the education sector.

5. Committed to accountability and transparency: We strive for organizational excellence, accountability, and rigor in the work that we do

As an association of NPOs collectively and collaboratively working for positive impact through education we specifically value:

  • Accountability – encouraging members to cooperate and collaborate to improve the delivery, effectiveness and the demonstrable impact of their projects;
  • Inclusivity – working together to find solutions that improve the accessibility and reach of programmes without sacrificing the diversity or openness needed for everyone in South Africa to benefit from learning and education;
  • Innovation – promoting flexible solution development which grounds itself in evidence-based evaluation and practice improvement;
  • Advocacy – building our credibility through delivery and championing the strengthening of the South African education system by independently (rooted in results) and objectively (without prejudice) giving a voice to our members.

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