• Quality – empowering South Africans to help them contribute to the development of their communities.
  • Mutual respect – creating spaces and opportunities for learning where people treat each other with dignity and students feel safe, motivated, supported and heard.
  • Accountability – encouraging processes supporting shared responsibility and advocating ambitious learning goals.
  • Equality – working to build a future where gender, race and family background are not obstacles to educational achievement.
  • Justice – ensuring that each student has opportunities to find, figure out and develop their skills and abilities based on their values and their community’s values.
  • Democracy – strengtheningthe voice of all stakeholders in education so that debate and community decision making flourish.
  • Freedom of choice – supporting the creation of a multitude of learning opportunities so that each person can find an opportunity which brings them closer to their goals.
  • Liberty – nurturing the freedom to think, learn and be different but also to protect the spaces of expression and the right to self-determination.
  • Peace – providing the stability and safety necessary for growth.

As an association of NPOs collectively and collaboratively working for positive impact through education we specifically value:

  • Accountability – encouraging members to cooperate and collaborate to improve the delivery, effectiveness and the demonstrable impact of their projects;
  • Inclusivity – working together to find solutions that improve the accessibility and reach of programmes without sacrificing the diversity or openness needed for everyone in South Africa to benefit from learning and education;
  • Innovation – promoting flexible solution development which grounds itself in evidence-based evaluation and practice improvement;
  • Advocacy – building our credibility through delivery and championing the strengthening of the South African education system by independently (rooted in results) and objectively (without prejudice) giving a voice to our members.

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