#KnowtheFactsGetTheVax Campaign

NASCEE has partnered with Africa Check to distribute verified information to empower people against dangerous health misinformation on Covid 19 through the campaign "KnowtheFactsGetTheVax."

Common Myths

False information and conspiracy theories can just be as deadly as the virus. Discover some of the common myths around Covid 19. Watch the video below:


COVID Variants

Find out more about Covid variants. Watch the video below:


mRNA Vaccines

A vaccine is a medical product that stimulates the production of antibodies and provides protection against one or more diseases. Learn more about Mrna vaccines.


Types of Immunity

To combat viruses and diseases in our community, immunity is the best defense. Discover what natural immunity is and how it differs from vaccine immunity. Watch the video below:



Vetting processes

Vaccines are not simply made and administered to members of the public, they undergo thorough testing and must be approved by various regulatory agencies before being made available. Learn more about the development and vetting processes of the vaccine. Watch the video below.


Beyond Health Stats


Credible Sources

As there are so many sources online sharing information, misinformation, facts, theories, and opinions about the COVID-19 virus and vaccines, it's difficult to know which information to trust. Here are some reliable sources and tips for reporting or sharing COVID-19-related information.


Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health is crucial during these difficult times. Here are a few tips to help you stay mentally healthy.



Safe Online

As beneficial as social media may be to stay connected, it has also exposed us to cyber bullying, scammers, and online stalkers. Keep yourself safe online with these tips. Watch the video below                                                                                           


Social Media Cycle

Find out how some of the social media platforms are fighting misinformation.

Watch the video below


Social Media

Information circulated through social media, including accurate as well as false information, is becoming increasingly influential.  It is, therefore, crucial to know the facts about Covid during these uncertain times. Find out how the spread of misleading information on social media can be identified and combated in this video. Watch the video below


Reporting Bias

Daily reports of Covid 19 updates are one way the public learns about COVID-19. We may want to believe this information, but how do we know it's accurate? Find out more about reporting bias and how to differentiate between a fact and an opinion.


Misleading Claims

How can we examine misleading claims about COVID 19? Watch this video to learn more.                                                                                                  #KnowTheFactsGetTheVax

Misleading Visuals

In many cases, misleading visuals are more effective than words alone. The pandemic has shown us that misinformation often spreads as readily as the virus itself. Learn more about misleading visuals of the Covid 19 and the vaccine and how they may affect people. See the video below. 



Find out what health misinformation is and why it is spread. Get the latest updates by following us.


Facts vs Opinions

Learn how to differentiate between online facts and opinions from the video below.







Web & Powerpoint

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