A Better Africa is harnessing platform technology to impact African education. The platform is building content and communities addressing the millions of teachers in Africa. An estimated 7 000 000 teachers across the sub-continent will be able to access professional development for as low as ,50c (US) per month. A Better Africa was founded in 2016 and today we have over 10 000 users, seven active communities and thousands of resources for African educators.

The organisation works to engage communities and not to mirror existing websites. With the focus on knowledge mobilisation, much of the knowledge comes from the communities through forums, discussions, comments and posts.

While the focus for the first six years has been community development, there is a growing focus to strategically partner to solve pressing education challenges, leveraging the robust platform functionality.

Our team, from our community management team through to our directors, are vested in the vision to drive quality improvements in education.

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Janice Scheckter

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