AccessEd believes that university should be accessible to all young people regardless of socio-economic background or upbringing. While university may not be the choice for all, it should be accessible to everyone. In line with this, the principal objective of AccessEd is to launch and scale university access programmes that promote access to higher education among young people from underserved communities in a non-profit manner. AccessEd's unique programme model mobilises Postdocs, PhDs and Master's students to tutor and mentor young people from underserved communities. We leverage the passion and expertise of postgraduate tutors to convert their research work into a university-style course for pupils to compete. Designed to give pupils an authentic university experience, the programme breaks down barriers to higher education. Aside from postgraduate experts, pupils interact with a range of professionals who further enrich their programme experience through academic enrichment workshops. Programme outcomes include improved subject knowledge, university readiness, motivation, self-efficacy and meta-cognition - key competencies that support progression to higher education. Beneficiaries include pupils and their parents, postgraduate researchers, and teachers.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of our charitable work, AccessEd also contracts with universities/ doctoral academies/ scholarship groups. These contracts involve the Research-based Curricula Programmes and the Postgraduate Development Programme. All funds generated through contracts are used solely for the principal object noted above - to fund charitable work among pupils from underserved communities.

The Research-based Curricula Programme involves working with universities/ doctoral academies/ scholarship groups on their widening participation and postgraduate engagement strategies through digital innovation and curriculum programmes. We engage postgraduate students to design and produce free digital products in line with the National Curriculum focusing on public schools and pupils that are harder to reach. Beneficiaries include pupils and their parents, postgraduate researchers and teachers.

The Postgraduate Development Programme helps universities/ doctoral academies/ scholarship groups develop their postgraduate students with unique workshops. Workshops prepare postgraduates to be social and professional leaders whilst providing critical support to students and encouraging university retention. Beneficiaries include postgraduate researchers.

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