Education NPO, implementing Whole School Development (infrastructure, curriculum, social welfare, leadership) in rural and township communities

Adopt-a-School Foundation was born from a passion and a desire to be a positive force in changing the future of education in South Africa. From humble beginnings, the Foundation has grown exponentially. With hundreds of schools spanning the entire country, we are able to make a sustainable difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of learners, their families and their communities.

Through a holistic, inclusive model called Whole School Development, we aim to address the academic, infrastructural, social and security environments in our adopted schools, to ensure that they are conducive to teaching and learning. Through this holistic approach, we are able to address most obstacles that stand in the way of providing quality education. Our schools are some of the least resourced and marginalised schools in the country, but as long as there is a passion and a commitment to education, together with our partners, we are able to bridge many of these gaps.

A dynamic, transformed and accessible schooling environment that produces capable global citizens to meet the developmental needs of Southern Africa.

To support the delivery of an enhanced and conducive teaching and learning environment that can be replicated in disadvantaged schools.

Strategic Objectives
Ensure delivery of quality and best value programmes for beneficiaries and stakeholders.
Ensure effective programme implementation to support the improvement of education learning outcomes in schools.
Establish and maintain a reputable, capable, innovative and dynamic organisation.
Develop and maintain systems and policies to support transparency, accountability and good governance.
Develop and maintain funding models that will ensure the long- term sustainability and optimal impact of our work

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Keri Francis

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