The AFRO-Freedom Book Club is a public book club that focuses on Afrikan writers to inspire dialogue and civic engagement in the community. We strongly believe in the voice of Afrikans and the importance of telling our own stories. It is a great setting for Afro-centric, creative, opinionated, and open-minded people. This is an excellent way to enjoy Afrikan literature with a diverse and great group of readers and thinkers.

The book club is open to fellow brothers and sisters who want to stimulate their brain cells, have fun, and create meaningful relationships through shared literature. This book club promises a Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Ubuntu.


We meet on the last Wednesday of each month except December and we welcome everybody with open arms. Joining is as simple as showing up to our monthly meet-ups. Spread the love and invite others; the more the merrier. Let’s grow our conversation circle! Join us - regardless of whether you've read the book or not. The book inspires DIALOGUE and YOUR VOICE is important to us.

We share our monthly book selection via our mailing list and social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to be added to our mailing list or if you'd like to share cool ideas and/or collaborate with the book club.

Contact Person

Lungile Zakwe
+27 73 669 7781

Interested in joining?

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