Alladin Learning Solutions is a Non-Profit Company (2017/035380/08) and Public Benefit Organisation (930070596) offering innovative solutions to challenges facing the education, early childhood, and community development sectors; including both human resource and material constraints. Our bespoke programs are designed by training and development specialists, who tailor the programs and interventions based on exposure in the field and research of best practice. We have a specialized focus on early childhood development and early education programs.

Alladin Learning Solutions designs bespoke Early Childhood Development and Early Education Programmes. Some of our existing programmes include:
NQF 4 Early Childhood Development Training Certificate. This is a formal ECD Practitioner qualification, accredited with the ETDP SETA (Accreditation Number: ETDP011288). Our qualification includes 5 modules, 170 credits and 64 days of theory and 150 days’ workplace application.

Our ECD Practitioner Short Course is an unaccredited, yet incredibly important course. It includes 4 modules with 4-5 workshops that form part of each module. The modules include child development basics, classroom and centre management, daily plans and monitoring and F-U-N damentals. By the end of this training course, Practitioners will have the skills and knowledge to follow a daily structure, lesson plans and monitoring schedules. Practitioners will have gained the skills and capacity to deliver lessons and conduct activities that facilitate child development.

We believe in the importance of providing Practitioners with the resources required to translate what they learn in theory, into practice. Our ECD Centre Resource Package aims to provide ECD centres with the teaching materials and resources required to facilitate development and provide children with the knowledge and skills required for their future learning and development. This package includes a carefully designed ECD Centre Curriculum which has been specifically planned for resource-limited settings. Our ALS Resource Boxes and Busy Books are the vehicles through which we provide important and relevant resources aligned to Early Learning Development Areas.
Parent/ Caregiver Workshops are a crucial part of any ECD Programme. Our workshops include; child development basics, playing and learning at home and recycling 2 resources during which we teach parents/caregivers how to make games and activities using recycled materials.

Our ALS Foundation Phase Resource Boxes are educational boxes that contain 10-15 Maths and EFAL activities that are aligned to the CAPS curriculum (Maths and EFAL). The aims of the resource boxes are to facilitate fun, interactive and practical learning into Foundation Phase classrooms. All activities are made using easily accessible, affordable and sometimes recycled materials so that educators can replicate and make variations of resources provided. The provision of resource boxes comes with training workshops, remote training and the provision of electronic teaching resources (CAPS Aligned).

Our programmes are currently being outsourced by NPOs including MR Price Foundation and Anglo American. Furthermore, Alladin Learning Solutions is a CSI implementation partner for Growthpoint Properties and IBV Bank Vaults.

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