ABESA supports Anglican Church schooling in South Africa in its engagement with significant challenges. These include: issues of inclusion; institutional integrity; financial sustainability; how to ‘show up’ in a world in such a state of flux (economically, environmentally & socially); together with the journeys of healing tied to our past. Strategic thinking and action around these challenges need to engage the concerns of pupils, staff, parents and alumni alike.

366 schools associated with 18 Dioceses in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA). 71 of these are Independent non-subsidised schools, 14 are Independent state-subsidised schools, and the remaining 281 are state-funded schools on church land. In South Africa these schools form a small but significant part of the landscape of around 26 000 public schools, wherein around 405 000 educators are entrusted with the educational needs of over 13 million learners.

As per the MoI ABESA exists to address the follow three strategic intentions on behalf of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA), in partnership with Diocesan Bishops, Heads of Schools and Chaplains:

  • The support of existing Anglican Church Schools as extensions of Diocesan ministry and ‘sites of mission’. ABESA will work alongside Dioceses and schools in order to clarify, articulate, and develop the Anglican Christian identity, ethos and culture of schools; and to strengthen the manner in which this is reflected in policy formulation, pedagogical and pastoral practice and meaningful responsiveness to the cultural, political and economic complexities of Southern Africa.
  • The development of ‘new’ church schools. ABESA will Initiate and develop partnerships which enable the founding of new schools, particularly Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiatives in underutilized parish infrastructure, and identify, capacitate and mentor the re-establishment of schools historically associated with the Church.
  • Restoring the spirit and soul of public education. ABESA seeks to contribute to the transformation of public schooling through partnerships which leverage revitalized and capacitated relationships between public schools, educational district offices, local parishes and specialist educational development service providers.

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