Aurelian Beneficial Trust (ABT) is a charitable trust that is a catalyst for access to quality education, skills development and vocational training. ABT has established partnerships with several tertiary institutions across South Africa which are in line with its strategic objectives.

The trust continues to expand its footprint across all nine provinces through collaboration with other institutions of higher learning. The main responsibility of ABT is to play a role in enhancing skills development, which are in great shortage and in high demand in South Africa and the world. The trust does this by connecting the tertiary institutions who produce these skills with industries who use these skills. Our focus areas are Agriculture, Information and Computer Technology and Engineering.

We believe that, as a catalyst, we have a pivotal role to play in the following areas:

  • Facilitation of student placement for experiential training.
  • Facilitate access to bursaries to learners in identified fields of study.
  • Facilitate absorption of trained learners with required skills into employment.
  • Facilitation of career guidance sessions in partnership with colleges and other institutions.
  • Assist in the incubation process for learners pursuing the business stream.
  • Assisting students to access funding for trade tests.
  • Facilitate access to industry experts to assist institutions to improve curriculum offering of partner colleges

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Lerroy Fenyane

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