The Breteau Foundation supports educators and families with digital tools and content to ensure high quality education. Through several country- specific initiatives, hardware, software, teacher training and content, we work to improve teaching and learning.

The Breteau Foundation is a small charitable organisation that is solely funded by founder, Sebastien Breteau and has been operating in South Africa since its pilot in 2014. We provide hardware, software, teacher training and content to schools, afterschool sites, and even family homes. Since 2014, we have built our network of partners and schools to serve over 60 000 students in Grade R-7 in a variety of initiatives. Our daily EdTech Tablet programme has been implemented in over 60 schools, innovative programmes like Mindfulness and Coding in others, and and Home Tablet project addresses Covid learning loss. In 2023 the Breteau Foundation will launch a new programme about Environmental Education, providing educators with training and resources to use a STEAM approach to tackle the global plastic.

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