Founded in 1907, Dinaledi Educational Coaching (now re-branded as Dinaledi Leadership For Education) transforms leadership practice throughout the educational value chain through the powerful modality of coaching. We work in the most challenged of schools, in conjunction with the educational department, utilizing the modality of coaching as delivered by the best coaches we can find, and funded by the private sector. In the past 12 years, just under 40 township schools in the Western Cape have benefitted from DEC's deep change programme.

Dinaledi Leadership For Education (DLFE) has a core team of four founding directors involved in the operation of the business on a volunteer basis. There are 15 highly qualified coaches in the programme delivery team, and they deliver quality coaching services at NGO rates. Over the years, DLFE has developed coaches with specialization in educational coaching. There is a Board of Directors, chaired by Professor John Volmink. DLFE has three programmes: the flagship is a 15 month school transformation programme focused on deep change in the school system. Two new programmes are the Emerging Leadership Development Programme (ELDP), a six month experiential leadership development programme for aspiring leaders, and an Authentic Leadership Programme, also run over six months, for principals and circuit managers. All programmes can now be delivered online, enabling DLFE to expand its footprint from the Western Cape nationally.

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