At the heart of our approach is the belief that governments are best placed to make decisions about their country. Our role is to enable those decisions by generating and using research to ensure policy is informed by evidence, facilitating the design and effective implementation of policy, and advising on the piloting and scaling of new policy reforms.

We are committed to building trusted, long-term relationships with government that allow us to work across the whole system.This systems- focus is critical to driving real change.We encourage Ministries and their Departments and Agencies to think about the bigger picture in all aspects of policy design, implementation, and evaluation to ensure sustainable impact across the entire school system, at scale.

As a non-profit our only motivation is providing support to our government partners.We make long-term commitments to our partners and are agile
in responding to their changing needs. In short, we do whatever it takes to enable governments to implement the complex reforms needed to make learning a reality for all children.

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Jonathan Molver

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