The Empire Partner Foundation Tech Hub is a non-profit organization that was started by a group of young South Africans, with a vision to address social challenges using technology.

The Empire Partner Foundation is a youth-driven organization that aims to aid and create youth tech-entrepreneurs by investing in various tech-solutions which are aimed at solving key socio-economic challenges in South Africa and eventually the rest of Africa.

We address these 10 socio-economic challenges: Healthcare; Education; Safety and Security; Rural; Housing; Water; Energy; Unemployment; Agriculture; and Transport. This is done through five pillars, namely: Hackathon; Incubation Hub; Workstreams; Empire Partner Studio; and the Innovation Campus.

The Hackathon is a two-day sprint event that occurs monthly, whereby youth from different locations around South Africa come together (hybrid or physical) and are divided into teams that have to come up with technological solutions to a social challenge being addressed by EPF for the month.

The Incubation Hub is a platform where the winners from the Hackathon will have an opportunity to build a business around the solutions designed during the hackathon. Thus creating tech-preneurs.

The Workstreams is a stakeholder engagement platform intended to shape a national discourse to create awareness and intervention for identified challenges.

The Empire Partner Foundation Studio is the foundation's positive voice for change. the main aim to create a platform for discussions through informative interviews and podcasts, that will drive change and solve the ten socioeconomic challenges.

Lastly, the Innovation Campus is a platform to showcase the innovative tech solutions that EPF’s partners have at their disposal as well as being the platform to empower the youth of South Africa to build creative and impactful digital tech.

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