Formed in 2019 , Fundzisa has three directors. We work with a group of children in grades 1-3 from a disadvantaged communities. We started as an outreach community program and decided to register as a NPC in 2020.

Education is a non-negotiable right. How much a child achieves in life should not be determined by how much his/her parents earn. Unfortunately, this is the reality of lots of learners in disadvantaged communities. The inequality in our education system is failing many South African learners, the poor, the hardest hit.

Our vision is to create an environment where children are not prejudiced by their social status. Ensuring equal access to educational resources and support by providing much needed educational and social support to children in disadvantaged communities. Fundzisa provides homework assistance, tutoring and Saturday classes to learners in disadvantaged communities.

We want to ensure that every child stays in school and every child can read for meaning by the age of 10, bringing to realization the Department of Education's goal 1 of the Action plan, which is to increase the number of learners in Grade 3 who, by the end of year have mastered the minimum language and numeracy competencies for grade 3.

We also provide tutoring services to grade 12 learners in the science and mathematics field , to help achieve the DBE's goal number 5 and 6 of the Action plan goals towards the realization of schooling 2030, which is to increase the number of grade 12 learners who pass physical science and mathematics.

We believe that school should be at the center of the community. Citizens and communities must partner with schools and teachers to educate our children.

We believe that a child's social status should not determine his level of success in life. 


Contact Person

Zodwa Ndlovu
+27 61 206 5271

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