HandiAfrica has been observing and studying the cultural insights of the rural people based on physical visits of such rural agglomerations and practical experiences. Having a clear vision of the needs of the deprived communities, HandiAfrica is developing strong strategy to deliver adequate counselling and training to the youths in need, empowering them with soft-skills training and preparing and integrating them into sustainable jobs. Most of the rural people prefer to work for their own communities, HandiAfrica encourages and facilitates them to make best use of their potential and work and contribute for their own people.

Developing QMS and training materials in respect of ‘home-based care’ and ‘cleaning learning’.
The training phase comprises of twelve months including seven months for theory and five months for practical. HandiAfrica conducts regular workshops, classes, and competitions to hone the enrolled people’s crafts through specially designed HandiApp. The organisation offers training in a number of fields such as gardening, housekeeping, cleaning, pest control and caregiving.

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