We are a Non-Profit Company which intends to pioneer the professional skill of medical clowning in South Africa. This will be targeted at unemployed black youth and aligned with the credentials of the YES Campaign. Under the umbrella of the 5000 model of the YES Campaign we aim to offer an incentivized programme which encourages businesses to provide job opportunities for our youth.

To initiate this work we have partnered with the best suited professionals would can deliver a registered, academic, accredited training programme in medical clowning in South Africa. A globally recognised quality standard for specialised education in the form of a Diploma of Medical Clowning accredited by St Elizabeth University, Bratislava, Slovakia. An 18 month learning programme which is divided into a modular level with both practical and theoretical work.

Following training we aim to take the trained medical clowns into the health care sector where their services can be used through sponsorships. Our Non-Profit Company is focused on bringing quality education in the form of medical clowning to South Africa and offering these skills to unemployed and underprivileged black youth. We want to curb the unemployment crisis and believe that we have a solution which can offer youth a self-sustainable income post learning where they will be able to utilise their skills and work in the communities in a number of healthcare facilities.

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Adi Shachar
+27 82 600 8132

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