Ikhwezi Lomso Extended Education Project (ILEEP) is an organisation with education, development, and community empowerment centred initiatives. Operational focus is primarily in the development of Khwezi village, Ntabethemba, Queenstown. The operations interfaces with the school’s programs therefore it is an extended education imperative. It will span from early childhood education to higher education. The key elements are embedded on the development facades being physical wellness, psychological and knowledge base wellness.

ILEEP is a rural based NPO with a clear intent of to drive the village community to embrace education from a community level all the way to classroom environment.This will build a connection between parents, learners and teachers resulting to techer-learner-parent relationship. This is to build learners to take education from the village to tertiary institutions. Furthermore support youth and community physically, psychological, and enhance rural learners to proffessional journeys in education, entrepreneurship and community development.

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Kholiwe Bonelwa

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