Inkqubela Education is a charitable Trust aimed at producing informed, engaged, skilled, conscious, and exposed young Africans through providing innovative educational solutions. We produce and implement school based transformative, easily adaptable, and results-orientated programmes that cater for various stakeholder. Our core business is leadership and governance engagement.

We provide tailor made strategies for each school’s governance and management teams. For quality teaching and learning to take place, schools must be governed and managed effectively in accordance with the relevant legislation. Our school management teams are capacitated on Instructional Leadership Development, enabling them to manage amongst other key areas effective curriculum delivery.

We prioritise the usage of data management systems to monitor the developmental progress of schools. Our programme caters for the School Governing Body, School Management Teams and Learner Leadership Councils.

Our mission is to ensure our schools have motivated, informed and expert teachers. We engage our teachers on knowledge development and management with a special focus on the usage of data management in tracking learner progress. Our teachers benefit from classroom-based, peer to peer support and expert support . We further engage our teachers on how to develop their classrooms into holistic development spaces for their learners.

Every learner must be given adequate support in order to reach their full potential. We provide the necessary support by capacitating school stakeholders in adopting policies and designing programmes that provide the learners with the necessary developmental and support programmes.

We provide language teachers with specialised capacitation on how to create a culture of reading in their classrooms and beyond. Through our partners, we provide schools with resources and create opportunities for language development to prioritised and supported inside and outside the classroom.

We support the Reading for Fun and Learning Movement through establishing and supporting community book clubs. The book clubs are run by a variety of community members from all age groups. We believe that in every home, street and corner, young people must always be able to create reading clubs to advance their reading skills.

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Nangamso Koza
071 466 8957

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