We invest in the lives of young people by increasing quality and access to career-focused education, supporting learner pathways from school to work, growing employment potential within our local economy, and sharing what we learn with others.

Ethos and vision alignment – our team shares a deeply held belief in community transformation that goes beyond tolerating each other, to trusting each other, to lovingly serve each other.

Collaborate and consult – we make decisions through consultation, and problem-solve and deliver together. We are multi-cultural and diverse, and do not operate as one group creating solutions for another group.

Build and develop leadership – we actively seek ways to build and develop each other’s leadership capabilities, and to transfer skills and knowledge internally and externally in a way that is inspiring and empowering.

Learn and share – we are oriented to learn from the work and experience of others, and in turn to share our solutions and lessons widely.

Replicate and innovate –we value proven methodologies, research-based interventions and data-backed solutions for context-adjusted replication in our community. We also recognise that success requires innovation and we work to find new solutions that can similarly be adopted by other communities in support of transformation.

Private and public funding – to focus resources on our priorities, we pursue private funding that is aligned to our ethos and vision. To help our work to scale and make sustainable impact, we seek public (government) funding where appropriate.

Transparent and honest – we report on our work and impact regularly, and frankly. We share successes and failures and are subject to independent monitoring.

Character, skills and self-worth – we define success as a decreasing (to zero, by 2030) rate of youth unemployment in our community.

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