The vision of K2011127140 is to create a successful model of sustainable development, promoted by profitable enterprises and non-profitable projects, co-operating in partnerships that oversee responsible management of natural resources and biodiversity, within an economic framework that obviates the plague of poverty and social decay while upholding the law and supportive of good governance.

K2011127140 was conceived in 2001, in recognition of threats to the biodiversity and natural resources of the Paardeberg , a privately-owned mountain in the Western Cape, South Africa. A primary threat is economic pressure facing some 50 farmers and landowners of the mountaintop and surrounding areas. Additional and aggravating threats are global climate shifts, poverty, limited statehood…. compromised capacity, education and implementation/enforcement of legislation. These challenges must be addressed to fulfill world guidelines (Agenda 21,SDG’s, et) for sustainable development.

K2011127140 is currently a VAT- registered Non Profit company [NPC] and Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A tax exempt status. It is aligned with several partners which share its vision and co-implement projects, and in this sense can be described as collaborative facilitator. Through fundraising for various integrated non-profitable projects, K2011127140 seeks to promote sustainability in the broader Southern African context through replication and scaling. K2011127140 acts as an umbrella body, offering core functions of administration, marketing, HR management, accounting, etc for oth its own and shared projects, based on an economy of scale. It has evolved into an organisation focussed on education and more recently, the ""first 1000 days"".

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Bridget Johnsen
+27 72 418 0577

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