E2E was born out of a conversation about people growth and development, and the tremendous possibilities that exist for supporting individuals and organisations for the rapidly changing local and international demand. The strength of LRS Academy lies in their experience and expertise in Education and people and organisational transformation. Their approach is a holistic rather than a fragmented one. The directors are life-long activists for transformation and want to make a difference in people and organisations in the Education terrain.

-That the performance of the education system is dependent on the organisational capacity of schools, district and central offices;
-That the performance of all public sector organisations depend on the capacity of all its people at all levels ;
-That companies and civic organisations depend on their people talent and potential to move to excellence;
-That one of the most critical components of capacity is the skills, knowledge and other attributes of the leaders of each of these organisations;
-That the development of current, aspiring and potential leaders requires a coherent, concentrated and sustained effort;
-The purpose of the E2E is to provide a hub:
-to model and otherwise support the values of service delivery and a professional learning ethos in support of high quality development
-to provide a comprehensive framework for people development that is consistent with worldwide trends
-to help ensure that educationists have the analytical, creative, advisory, administrative and other leadership skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement policy, be innovative, respond to change, and lead their organisations, in their programmes, services and personnel efficiently, effectively and equitably;
-to conceptualise, design and facilitate the provision of high quality professional development and training to leaders at every stage of their career, through a variety of means, including courses, seminars and e-learning;
-to support leaders through a variety of means, including mentoring, peer coaching and consulting services;
-to provide advice and respond to specific requests of organisations on leadership issues and practice;
-to provide a locus for professional and institutional development and a supported journey to excellence

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