Lesedi Larona Home of Trust (LLHT) is a Non-Profit –Organisation registered as a voluntary service provider on education based activities.

We are focusing on assisting all school going children in:

  • Extra Classes
  • Homework Assistance
  • Entertainment and events
  • In-loco-parentis programme
  • Health Advisory Committee

So far, we have assisted about 155 learners from different schools, different grade. We have integrated with different stakeholders for team working spirit, job creation opportunities and community youth development . We workshop parents on ‘How to support a child to and from school, orientating them on assessment matters, areas of support, career choices, subject choices and general conduct. Children go out twice a year if there can be full support from the community stakeholders.

There are many job opportunities in this project from Management, Administration, Facilitation, general and coordinating.We did never receive any funds for sponsorship. Funds are from members of the organisation and donations from individuals around.

We have faith that one day our vision will come true.

Contact Person

Nomazibulo Cikolo
+27 73 516 0010

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