Maikano Peace Haven Houses NPC is a Non-Governmental (NGO) and Non-Profit Making Organisation (NPO) registered respectively with the South African register of companies as an NPC and the Department of Social Services as an NPO. Initially, the organization emerged as an agent for change within rural areas where they are a lot of social gaps that relate to social services-related programs. An entity that emerged to challenge all social ill most particularly those that are related and affecting people living with disabilities, children, women, youth, and the aged within rural areas. Maikano focuses on making sure that our organization is well funded with bursaries, and income generation programs like opening small projects that will help in training the people living with disabilities and all. We have carefully selected various programs that are offered at the center, and are linked to enterprise development and job readiness that are designed to help and assist individuals desire to access a job market. Our core part is that which is linked with establishing various multipurpose shelters and safe havens, creating opportunities for advocacy, empowerment, and capacity building of unfortunate people of rural areas who don’t have access to adequate resources. Maikano Peace Haven Houses NPC is a rural-based organization that is aimed at championing the plight of people living with disabilities thereby creating competitive sustainable economic platforms within the S.A job market and also helping them build their sustainable businesses that are in line with the 4IR. The organization focuses on the principle of Human rights and a proper hospitable and caring society.

Maikano Peace Haven Houses NPC is committed to the development of rural development particularly in relation to people living with disabilities, youth and women. Our programmes range from individual training and development, skills programmes and organisational development.
We are also engaged with learnerships that are geared towards the employability programmes of people living with disabilities, youth and women that are based in rural areas.
We have developed and applied for accreditation through health and welfare seta, while at the same time approached all seta's with relations to the development of skills plan for people living with disabilities and their training as well as workplace readiness and their actual employment.

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Herman Oupa Matabane

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