"At MSLA, we understand the critical role of educating youth for the future in addressing youth unemployment and achieving poverty reduction. Of greatest concern to us, is the inequality factor in the South African education system and the huge divide of those who have access to quality education and resources and those who do not. We have embraced the COVID-19 challenge as an opportunity to rethink how we educate at MSLA and, through the generous support of our sponsors and partners, we have restructured as a digital access centre, to bridge the digital divide and provide opportunities for youth to become lifelong learners, to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop skills needed for the workplace. "

Educating for the future is all about cultivating a passion in our youth for creating new value to our changing and complex world. Young people should be inspired to be self-driven, critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators and to welcome every opportunity that comes their way. The development of a deep spirit of caring for others and the environment, strong character qualities and values, the ability to listen, question, voice opinion and collaborate, the notion of right from wrong, as well as a keen sense of responsibility and commitment are all at the heart of educating for a better future. Developing these qualities requires a very different approach to teaching and learning, which is what MSLA offers.

Since 2006, this non-profit organisation, which is based in Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, has worked in partnership with the private sector, government, civil society and embassies towards achieving our vision.

MSLA operates from a very small campus in Kimberley, a heritage site, that includes 3 classroom areas that now provide computer access to 77 learners at any given time. This campus is home to 300 Grade 9 – 12 learners from under-privileged backgrounds, who are participating in the maths, science and skills programmes each year.

The success rate of the MSLA programmes has been amazing with:
• large numbers of children developing a passion for maths and science from an early age
• learners completing school with excellent results in maths and science
• students accessing STEM –related fields of study at tertiary level, qualifying for bursaries and doing exceptionally well
• learners representing South Africa in programmes abroad
• learners initiating their own community projects through the Global Citizenship Education Programme
• learners developing digital skills, coding skills and participating in global competitions

MSLA has chosen the Microsoft route for making the IT resources count and is very grateful to have been recognised by Microsoft as an academic institution and thereby qualifying for Microsoft 365 Education A3 licenses, as well as to register as a Microsoft Imagine Academy. The skills benefit of the Microsoft Imagine Academy includes technology courses, teaching resources, and related benefits aligned to in-demand workforce/career skills that prepare students to successfully achieve industry-recognized certification and employment.
Through Microsoft Learn, MSLA is also offering IT skills development opportunities for teachers.

MSLA has identified the need to provide workplace experience for IT graduates through an internship programme. As a digital access centre that provides support to 300 youth, the opportunity exists for the training of IT graduates to become upskilled in administering and maintaining computer labs, as well as playing a vital role in developing a digitally literate generation.



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