Mihandzu is a youth based organisation focused on IT and mathematics education within volunerable communities.

Mihandzu is a non-profit organisation focused on IT and mathematics education within South African communities. Our organisation is focused on improving the poor Mathematics Performance in schools from vulnerable communities and further increasing exposure to technology for learners in these communities who have not had prior access and exposure.

Our mathematics programme uniquely partners with local schools and works together with educators to identify learner and educator challenges and work towards resolving these in order to change the school-wide performance.

Our IT programme uniquely operates throughout the year where it provides learners with access to the technology and internet in their local neighbourhood.

Our model is scalable across all regions in the world with low access to technology and poor mathematics performance.

Our model is scalable through partnering with local organisations which can aid in the social facilitation process with the various stakeholders.

We intend to scale the business through increasing our internal human resources, and subsequently replicating the model in new communities.

Contact Person

Khanya Memela
+27 72 356 5850

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