OneVoice South Africa (OVSA) is a vibrant and unique non-governmental organisation, which uses innovative and creative ways of actively involving young people (13 to 35 years) on addressing the many critical health and lifestyle issues they face, so that they can live their best lives. OVSA implements two (2) projects.

The OVSA Schools Programme and associated Life Skills/Enterprise/Developing Young Entrepreneurs projects are implemented weekly, in schools across eThekwini, iLembe, and King Cetshwayo districts in KwaZulu-Natal, with Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 learners. The School Programme is appealing to young people, as it provides a realistic platform from which to discuss and address the Life Orientation themes, Development of Self and World of Work. Workshop engagement focusses specifically on HIV/AIDS, TB, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, WASH,
Gender, Leadership, Human Rights, Youth Advocacy, Financial Literacy, Career Pathing, Entrepreneurship and Economic Strengthening issues.

The OVSA Training Programme and its associated projects focus on delivering Workplace Preparedness (Emotional IQ, Project Management, Time Management, Communication Skills for Business etc, Upskilling, CV Writing & Interview Technique training, as well Entrepreneurship, Future Skills, and lastly, accredited training on the New Venture Creation qualification. OVSA also has a special economic strengthening component for girls and young women wanting to become financially independent nation-builders and businesswomen. Students are encouraged to take more control of their learning process and our participation is based on a participatory methodology.
In support of Government initiatives and working in partnership OVSA’s projects have been developed with the input of key role players and
stakeholders and are in support of the National Strategic Plan (NSP), are aligned to the Department of Basic Education’s Life Orientation curriculum and the Curriculum Assessment Policy, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and the Integrated School Health Policy (ISHP) for eThekwini and King Cetshwayo Districts.

We also have an ongoing MOU with the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Basic Education, and work closely with partners such as DramAidE, the Democratic Development Programme (DDP), the Children in Distress Network (CINDI), the Yezingane Network, and the Department of Health, the Iqraa Trust, Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, the US Embassy, Church in Action (KIA), the KwaZulu-Natal Regional Christian Council, Mondi, Toyota South Africa and the UK Fund for Charities.

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