Pecop Soweto (Personal Concept Project for Soweto Children) was found in 1997 to train, involve, support, and activate mainly learners with (Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder) ADHD as leaders of their own academic spaces. These are learners who underperform at school, all due to their hyper-activity nature and or their short concentration span in class. This learner goes through a lot of shaming, labeling, and emotional abuse, thus the term "The Invisible Learner"[IL] was assumed by the organization, helping the community and the parents to understand the plight of these learners.

Our five focal areas outline and demonstrate our weekend and after-school efforts for this learner. Our related activities are designed to instill lost hope and confidence while building awareness to parents, the community, and the local school community about the importance of inclusive classrooms and homes.

Pecop Soweto remains a community-based response with active participation from parents, the local school community, and student teachers.

Contact Person

Paul Phakathi
+27 11 931 2903

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