PCHS is a registered support centre for children, youth and women in informal settlements. The organisation was founded in 2016, it mainly seeks to provide socio-economic and educational support. It seeks to help children to among other things, study their way out of poverty and use sport not only as a social activity but also as a professional activity.

"The organisation mainly seeks to provide socio-economic and educational support.


  • Provide a place, space, and time for children to do schoolwork, youth and women to start sustainable economic livelihood projects
  • Organize graduates to support learners in their education.
  • Provide access to computers and internet. 
  • Inculcate a culture of reading through borrowing out reading material. 
  • To create communication structures between children, parents & teachers
  • Conduct remedial and accelerated learning activities
  • Provide children with cooked food prepared at the centre and give them take-home rations
  • Promote sporting activities for the girl child.
  • To promote gender equity

Our vision is to be influential in breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, affecting, children, youth and women in informal settlements. Our mission is to fight poverty, promote sports, promote a positive attitude towards school, achieve gender equality & social cohesion and eradicate food insecurity. 

Our centre provides a place, space and time for children living in informal settlements to do schoolwork, after school, on weekends and during school holidays and we help the local youth and women to start sustainable economic livelihood programmes. We have just started an affiliated sports team that plays in the Cosmos City League. Our centre also provide basic computer training and access to computers and internet. We promote equal access and increased participation of girls, youth and women in sporting activities. Our kitchen provide children with cooked food and give them take-home rations from time to time. 

The organization is mainly led by a six member board of directors, these set the rules, principles & processes that direct and control all activities of the organisation. The board runs the organisation through an Executive Director who manages three program executives, the Executive for Education & Sports, Marketing Executive and a Social Development Executive. These executives work with volunteers in their areas of specialization.  We started this project operating from home and offering in-home visits only, we have secured a place in the informal settlement where we have placed three ventilated cargo containers that are used as, an office, a computer centre/hub and classrooms respectively. We have fed over 1400 families and we have an affiliated soccer team and 60 children receive help with homework/ feeding. Last year we helped 20 children with educational challenges, after our support all of them got promoted to the next grade by year end.

Contact Person

David Phiri
+27 81 553 0206

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