Saide is a non-governmental organization conducting projects throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Saide's task is to contribute to the development of new models of open learning, including the use of distance education methods, educational technology and open educational resources.

These should accord with and take forward the values, principles, and goals of the evolving education systems in the sub-Saharan Africa. "Established in 1992, Saide, the South African Institute for Distance Education, is a registered public benefit organization based in Johannesburg but conducting projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Saide’s mission is to enable successful open learning for all, using distance educational strategies, appropriate technologies and open educational resources.

Since inception, Saide has developed and sustained an excellent reputation for the quality and effectiveness of its work, and for its ability to manage a wide range of projects. Saide is governed by a Board of Trustees.

What We Do

Promote open learning principles and quality distance education in key policy areas and in different educational sectors;"

Contact Person

Jenny Glennie
+27 11 403 2813

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