The organisation started in 2004 as a cbo and in 2006 May 02 registered as an npo, we operate within the Siyancuma Municipality, Pixley Ka Seme in the Northern Cape province. We are conducting programs to develop our own people through accredited training, we are accredited with lgseta and has submitted letters of intent to be accredited with other setas. The organisation is running socioeconomic initiatives, women development, services to all vulnerable people, sports and recreation, youth development programs, jobs creation projects. Human rights programs for the rights of farm workers and farm dwellers. We aim is to become a beacon of hope for the broader Pixley Ka Seme.

Sarag has position its self as a catalyst for development we engage an expose ourselves to different opportunities which in return could bring the desired outcome in our community.

Our area is predominantly rural and people depend our seasonal work, farm work and opencast mining.

DUE to lack of a skilled work force required during projects of infrastructural development we conducted a skilled audit and the results were bad and an initiative to start implementing training programs to our youth because they are the majority with no qualifications and experience in the skills that we need. The organisation has a team of professionals, youth and elderly people in our communities with the passion to bring the change they want in own areas.

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Gert Bitterbos
+27 53 298 1250

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