Incorporated in January 2015, School Infra Care NPC is a Non-Profit Organization. The organization renovates dilapidated government schools in mainly rural areas by enlisting services of skilled unemployed youth, prisoners eligible for parole and emerging business entities in local communities. The organization aims to succeed in its operations by interacting with DBE (Department of Basic Education), DCS (Department of Correctional Services), Schools (Beneficiaries), Suppliers, emerging business entities and others relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that it keeps abreast with new product developments, policies and any other information that will result in an improved quality service rendered.

When the organization meets its projections by months twelve, School Infra Care NPC will start scouting for a second location and develop plans for the next operation offices in Limpopo Province, KwaZulu-Natal Province and Eastern Cape Province.

In year three, the organization will start rendering services of refurbishing libraries and stocking up laboratories and this will be done with the help of the relevant stake holders.

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Khensani Makapan

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