TechnoAfrika Academy is a Non-Profit Company and Social Enterprise with a sole purpose of supporting schools and disadvantaged communities to improve the quality of education and livelihood through technology and STEM support. We are a STEM Academy that aim to foster for a vibrant, inclusive, and empowered education system and society, and to be a catalyst for change in education that will help Africa to fight poverty and building sustainable communities with thriving economies.

WHY WE EXIST. We exist because of the following issues in our education:
 Low STEM academic performance
 Poor quality STEM teaching and learning.
 Lack of basic amenities, infrastructures such as Science, ICT, and Technology Laboratories.
 Less drive towards the 4th Industrial Revolution in most schools

Our aim is to help change this landscape and support public schools in their journey to become excellent in providing high-quality STEM education. We have projects that are tailor made to provide practical exposure to STEM Education.

Our goal is to help nurture our children in preparation for the 4th Industrial revolution through the following programs:
 Mobile Science and Technology Lab
 Science and Technology Club (Junior TechnoCrats)
 Practical-oriented-Skills Training and Enterprise Development
 Provision of cost-effective technology solutions to schools and disadvantaged communities

Our work and Main Programs
In order to help improve the quality of STEM education in our schools and communities we run the following main programs:

Mobile Science & Technology Lab
Most public schools in the townships and rural areas do not have science and technology
laboratories. We help to bridge this gap by assisting disadvantaged schools to provide
quality STEM education through our, Mobile Science and Technology Lab.

The Junior TechnoCrats Club
Is a Junior Leadership program that concentrates on mentoring children into future Technocrats, problem solvers, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Engineers, and future leaders. The program exposes the children to practical-oriented Science, engineering, technology, robotics,
coding, etc. Through this program, we prepare these club members for the 4th industrial revolution.

Contact Person

Sarai Mandude
+27 83 694 1685

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