Click Learning believes that, through effective implementation, technology can shift the paradigm and make a significant impact in an efficient, cost effective and scalable manner. The primary focus of Click Learning is the implementation of English literacy and numeracy programmes active in 291 under-privileged primary schools, reaching over 200,000 learners.

The programme offers learners the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities, navigating their learning journey by means of technology. Through these interventions, the Click Learning has also created employment opportunities for over 340 members of local communities and has trained and upskilled principals, teachers and facilitators.

The Click Learning value proposition rests on five core assumptions:

  1. Technology in education can shift the paradigm
  2. Meaningful impact can be achieved
  3. The project can be efficient, cost effective and scalable
  4. The project is most appropriately focused on supporting all children to read fluently and with comprehension by the end of Grade 3
  5. That the project will meet regulatory requirements and will be approved by the relevant authorities

The solution has therefore been to implement a multi-year self-paces online English literacy programme:

  • Target under-privileged primary schools based on a combination of criteria
  • Provide learner logins for individualised/self-paced e-learning programs that teach essential literacy skills
  • Fund and train facilitators in the school to assist with the implementation
  • If needed, assist with providing connectivity into the schools through our partner, rain, where coverage exists
  • Real-time data analytics and ongoing impact assessment
  • Provide implementation guidance and support
  • Multi-year intervention to deliver maximum impact

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Lieza van der Walt
011 321 1622

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