Established in 2001, Valued Citizens Initiative connects, enables and inspire school leaders, teachers, social workers, parents and learners in a quest to lead a value-driven life as valued citizens. Enhancing confidence, creativity, accountability, empathy and a sense of purpose from school to home, Valued Citizens Initiative develops the eco-system of a child through professional development programmes as well as learners through soft skills programmes.

Focused on behavior change and sustainable impact, our accredited professional development programs enable social workers, teachers, and School Management Teams to gain self-confidence in personal abilities and agility in their daily tasks, experience collaborative learning which engages them in an adaptive problem-solving approach to allow for individual and collective responsibility and develop effective communication skills to reach quality outcomes.

Furthermore, our soft skills programs develop confident young people, able to communicate effectively with empathy their needs, hopes, and dreams, to commit to them with a positive mindset, and resilience. Scanning the horizon while being self-aware, using their personal values as their compass, our youth is engaged as active Valued Citizens in the communities they live in and become the role-models younger generations wish for. Finally, 65% of our Alumni are completing their studies and today contributing towards the South African economy.

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Carole Podetti Ngono
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