We place currently unemployed youth onto a 12-month work experience program. The youth gain access to work readiness skills, online learning courses, daily supervision and a network for them to have improved chances of employment beyond the program. We work closely with other NGO's in Education, industry partners and communities nationally to achieve a retention rate of 92% and strive for absorption into employment of 50%. To date we have placed over 4000 youth - 17% of youth exit into self-employment.

Youth@worK is a thriving social enterprise, operating since 2018, that creates meaningful, growth-oriented work opportunities for youth within the community sector.
Our well-structured, innovative, and powerful programme identifies, onboards, and supports job-seeking youth into socially and economically meaningful workplace environments. Youth@worK operates as an Opportunity Aggregator and Pathway Opener – creating a strong network of partnerships to facilitate youth’s access to and engagement with viable opportunities for work, growth, and self-actualisation.
Youth@worK has been a Top 5 Implementation partner to the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) for the past 4 years, placing >4000 youth into social sector and community business placements, as well as supporting these youth with mentorship, learning opportunities, skills development, and entrepreneurial skills.
We work with multiple partners across a broad variety of sectors, and place youth into sites that match both their and the funders’ interests. These include, but are not limited to:
Education | Sport | IT Skills | NGO’s | Food Security | SMME Development | Automotive
Through our partners, we can offer 3500+ workplace opportunities per annum to youth.
Our retention rate for youth in the programme is over 92%, with an average absorption rate (permanent placement) of 20%, and a micro-enterprise development rate of 8% as measured by the end of the 12-month programme.
Our work directly supports youth employment, impacts quality education, community-based work, and the SMME sector, supporting thriving micro-economic development.
We are actively seeking partner organisations to fund, expand and deepen our impact, increasing the scope and depth of opportunities that we offer to the youth whom we support.

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