This sessions forms part of NASCEE’s ongoing strategy to offer interesting and practical capacity-building opportunities for its members.

Caroline helps people maximize LinkedIn for sales and brand awareness. In the non-profit sector, LinkedIn is a potent tool for building networks, establishing thought leadership, and staying top-of-mind on relevant topics. Caroline describes how with LinkedIn we “are trying to simulate a real relationship in a digital world.” She also emphasised, that it is important to “keep it human and keep it real.” In a world increasingly dominated by AI and bots, the personal relationships between people becomes even more critical.

Instead of relying solely on organisations to share content, Caroline urges individuals to be bold and share their own. Many people shy away from social media, unaware that they may hold valuable insights which could establish them as thought leaders.

She shared practical tips for writing your own articles by journaling and then leaning into AI tools to help refine your content. Sharing organisational or other content is also an effective way to keep your feed active, provided you accompany it with a comment offering insight into why you shared it. Personalising posts and maintaining an engaging page are essential.

Beyond content, building relationships is key to growing your network. Caroline encourages being intentional about how you manage your LinkedIn profile, who you add to your network and why. Writing a personalised message when reaching out and transitioning conversations to platforms where people spend more time, such as email, can deepen connections.

In the NGO Education sector, LinkedIn offers an excellent platform for organizations to connect with donors, like-minded organisations and individuals. Caroline highlighted the value of updating profiles and investing time in building a strong digital presence.

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