Henre Benson has been involved in educational development, at varying levels, since 1995.

Henre is an afro-optimist with a deep sense of commitment to serving the communities he works with through energetic, efficient and results focused leadership of the programmes and services under his direction. His personal strategic vision for CASME is to position it as a centre of excellence, attracting innovative partnerships and thereby initiating and implementing  creative solutions to educational challenges in South Africa and beyond.

Henre is increasingly aware of the opportunities for advancement in organisations and communities through visionary, democratic leadership that leverages technology for the public good.

Henre has driven the implementation of the Google Apps for non-profits platforms at CASME. He has championed an Open Education Resource policy and the development of new competence and capacity within the Centre focusing on the implementation of ICTs in the teaching  and learning of mathematics and science.

In consultation with the Board and Management of CASME Henre helped craft a Strategic Plan with the following 4 key focus areas: Teacher Professional Learning; ICT for Education; Knowledge Management and Partnerships for Collaboration. Through the ICT for Education focus area CASME has embarked on several key initiatives including the rollout of Adaptive Learning and Practice programmes for learners in mathematics and science. He has led the implementation of online and blended learning at CASME through the established of Learning Management Systems.

Apart from his expertise, collaborative nature and high levels of drive and energy, he has been a   critical   representative of the NASCEE Board. Henre is a skilled collaborator and networker, being flexible when called upon to help. -

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