Khanya Memela Managing Director at Mihandzu Learning.  Khanya has always been a youth leader with a passion for social change. Her vision is to amplify the voice of the youth in the education sector, leveraging organizations like NASCEE as key vessels to ensure this.

Khanya has over 7 years of experience operating in the education after-school space, and through her role in Mihandzu, she has serviced over 3000 school-going learners and has managed projects involving public and private partnerships.

Khanya brings a youth perspective to the solutions which need to be implemented in the education sector. She wishes to bring innovative solutions to the problems facing the sector, and aid in implementing these through NASCEE, by applying her project management experience. She has expertise in stakeholder relations and project management. Her experience as a Chartered Accountant, operating in the audit space, gives her financial controls expertise that can enhance the operations and governance of NASCEE. 

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