Nangamso is currently the foundation learning initiative global lead at Teach for All Global and an experienced education leader. Before joining Teach for All Global, she was CEO of Funda Wande. She previously held portfolios, including Funda Wande’s Versioning and Relationships lead and Head of Literacy before being appointed as CEO. Nangamso is also completing her PhD in Education Policy at Stellenbosch University and an affiliated researcher at the Research on Socioeconomic Policy (RESEP) group. She has published her research in several accredited journals. In January 2019 she was selected by the International Literacy Association (ILA) as one of the Top 30 Under 30 researchers around the world. Nangamso has contributed to important initiatives in the South African literacy sphere. She is a board member of Wordworks as well as a Section 11 committee member of the South African Human Rights Commission’s “Right to Read and Write” and subcommittee chair of African Languages in the committee. Nangamso also co-authored the influential “Benchmarking early grade reading skills in Nguni languages” report.

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