NASCEE in line with its goal to contribute to the national development goals related to education, and in support of the national COVID awareness/rollout vaccination programme, recently launched an advocacy campaign in support of the larger campaign, to encourage DBE teachers to get vaccinated during the special window period set aside for them.

The NASCEE campaign led to NASCEE being approached by some member NGOs to lobby the DBE to include NASCEE NGOs in the teacher category.

While NASCEE supports the national vaccination programme, NASCEE after due consideration, has taken the position not to approach the DBE in this regard but rather to encourage member NGOs to ask districts/schools where they operate in to include them in their process.

NASCEE is heartened by the speed of the national vaccination programme roll-out and the fact that the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) is now open to all 35-year olds and above.

NASCEE urges its member NGO employees to register and get vaccinated when called to do so and to do all they can to keep safe.

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