NASCEE's Participation in Education the Ministers' Dialogue
May 22, 2024

NASCEE was honoured to be invited to contribute on behalf of NGOs in the education sector to the Dialogue with the Minister of Basic Education last week. The request was for stakeholders to reflect on the last 15 years, highlighting the improvements and outlining key recommendations for the future. NASCEE received input from 28 organisations through a quick-fire survey that was sent to all members. Click on the document to read the full report.

The Bridge Story: Learning through Communities of Practice
Feb 02, 2024

The BRIDGE Story: Learning through Communities of Practice is a legacy narrative covering lessons learned by BRIDGE Innovation in Learning over its fourteen years of work (2009-2023) convening communities of practice in five focus areas, and processing and disseminating the knowledge that came out of these communities of practice.

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